Accessing Settings for your Kaltura Video

This article broadly covers how to access settings for existing Kaltura media. See related articles for detailed information on editing video, viewing analytics, etc.

Access Your Media 

Assuming you have already recorded, or uploaded a video to your My Media area on Kaltura, locate your video using your preferred method: 

  • From 

  • From Canvas global navigation select > My Media 

Edit Media Settings

Users may edit video details, such as (name, description, tags), collaborators, options (clipping and comments), and more.  

  1. To edit video options, click on the edit (pencil) icon to the right of your video. 

  1. This will bring you to the Edit area. Here you may preview the video and edit your video details and options.

  1. Click the Details tab to edit details, such as the video title, description, and tags.


  1. Click on the Options tab to allow others to create clips of the video and to enable or disable commenting.


  1. Click on the Collaboration tab to change ownership or to allow others to collaborate on your video.

Collaboration tab highlighted


  1. Click on the Thumbnails tab to create or replace the video's thumbnail image.

Thumbnails tab highlighted


  1. Click on the Download tab to select which format users can download.

Downloads tab highlighted


  1. Click on the Captions tab to review your auto-caption file, edit captions, request captions, or upload a new caption file. For more information on captioning, contact OATS

captions tab highlighted


  1. Click on the Timeline tab to add chapter markers to the video timeline.

Timeline tab highlighted

Deleting Media

  1. From the MyMedia homepage, click on the Trash icon to delete media.

Analytics for Media

  1. From the MyMedia homepage, click on the Analytics icon to view media analytics.


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