Embedding Kaltura Video in Canvas

Kaltura is Chico State's media server similar to YouTube. You can embed your Kaltura media and recordings in Canvas.

Although this article shows how an instructor would embed a Kaltura video in an announcement, the overall process is essentially the same for both students and faculty using the Canvas Rich Content Editor. 

If you prefer to watch a demonstration: 2 min video for embedding Kaltura video using the Canvas Rich Content Editor.

To Embed Video in the Canvas Content Editor Using Kaltura

You can embed Kaltura video anywhere that uses the Canvas Rich Content Editor (a page, assignment, discussion, etc.) as shown below.

  1. From the Canvas Content editor, select the Kaltura icon kaltura iconembed kaltura
  2. When prompted, select the video you want to embed and select Embed.  
    Alternatively, if you need to record or upload a new video to Kaltura, select + Add New

embed kaltura media

  1. Select Submit or Save on the page.
    You will notice that the transcript automatically displays. If you prefer to NOT display the opened transcript you can get the direct embed code for the Kaltura video and use the Canvas embed feature on the Rich Content Editor. 


  • You can also embed Kaltura video directly within a module. 
  • You can create Kaltura Video Quizzes 


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