Use Kaltura to Record Webcam & Embed in Canvas (student)


Access My Media to Record your Webcam Video

  1. From the Canvas global navigation click My Media.

My media icon is highlighted


  1. From My Media, select Add New > Webcam Recorder.

add new button is highlighted and labeled 1webcam recorder menu option is highlighted and labeled 2

Your web cam should turn on automatically and you should see a giant red button at the bottom of the camera screen. If you’re having issues with your web cam, contact ITSS.

  1. Select Record.
    You will get a three-second countdown before the recording begins.

record button highlighted

  1. When you are done recording, select Stop.

timer highlighted and pointed at

From here you have the option to:

A. Play the recording

B. Record Again 

C. Download a Copy

D. Use This 

a. Play Button - preview the recording
b. Record Again - record the video again
c. Download a Copy - download a copy of the video 
d. Use This - Use the current recording of the video as the final product

  1. When ready, select Use This.

  2. By default, the title is the video’s time stamp. Enter a more user-friendly title


  1. Select Save. 

  2. Select Go to My Media to playback. 


Embedding your Video in Canvas 

From the Canvas rich content editor:

Select the Embed Kaltura Media shortcut.

Locate the video you recorded and choose Embed. 

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