Use Kaltura to Record Webcam & Embed in Canvas

Overview of Kaltura Media 

Kaltura is a streaming media server, similar to YouTube. Why does streaming matter? Because streaming allows you to view video and audio without downloading huge files.


  • If you want to record camera AND your screen, or record a group presentation, we generally recommend using Zoom.
  • Some colleges use Canvas Studio to record and upload video to Canvas but here at Chico State, we use Kaltura.

Quick links:  Recording a Webcam Video | Embed Kaltura Video in Canvas

Watch: 2 min video demonstration

Watch how to record a webcam video and embed into canvas


Recording a Webcam Video

  1. From your web browser, open Canvas

  2.  From the Canvas global navigation menu, select My Media

  3. Select  Add New

  4. Select Webcam Recorder. 
    my media canvas global nav

  5. Your webcam should turn on automatically* and you should see a giant red button at the bottom of the camera screen. 

    When you are ready to record, click the large, red button record button. You will get a three second count down before the recording begins.  
    arrow pointing tp record

  6. When you are done recording, select Stop.

  7. When the recording is stopped, you are given the options to:

  • Play Button - preview the recording

  • Record Again - record the video again

  • Download a Copy - download a copy of the video 

  • Use This - Use the current recording of the video as the final product

  1. Select Use This button, you can give the video a more user friendly title. 
    By default, the title is the video’s timestamp* and the description is optional. 

  2. Typically, you will leave your video as private and embed it into your Canvas course. 
    [Optional] you can publish your media to a course gallery, however, if you are interested in sharing it outside of Canvas, most users will change the setting later to unlisted. Refer to the article Publish Your Kaltura Video as "Unlisted" for Viewing Outside of Canvas 

  3. Select Save and you can return to the Media Gallery to check if your video has been uploaded.

*  We recommend changing the name to an easily identifiable title. 

save video 

To Embed Video Using the Canvas Rich Content Editor 

You can embed Kaltura video on a page, discussion, announcement, etc.  using the Canvas Rich Content editor as shown below.

Watch: 2 minute Video Demonstration


  1. Locate the discussion, assignment or page where you want to embed your video and begin your Reply or Submission. From the Canvas content Editor, expand the row of icons so you see all of your options, (if necessary).
  2. From the Canvas content editor, select the Kaltura icon. 

    embed kaltura media
  3. When prompted, select the video you want and select Embed
  1. Save or Submit. 

By default, you will notice that the transcript displays. Many students find this feature helpful. 

* If you’re having issues with your webcam, contact ITSS. If you are having issues using Kaltura, please contact the Center for Technology Equity.


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