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Requirements and a step by step guide to get Windows devices configured for eduroam.
Information on how to legally obtain entertainment media, as well as information on what you can expect if you choose to use ResNet to download or share entertainment media illegally.
Requirements and a step by step guide to get Mac OS X devices configured for eduroam.
Instructions for connecting to the eduroam wireless network on Chrome OS.
Guide to get connect to the eduroam network for iPads and iPhones
Detailed information on known issues impacting such devices as Xboxs, Playstations, Nintendo products and Apple TVs.
Resolving Clearpass Onguard quarantine by turning on Mac OSX Updates.
Resolving Clearpass Issues regarding Automatic Updates for Windows devices.
Network Access Control (NAC) is a networking solution that controls how computers connect to the campus network.
Getting devices such as Chromebooks and Blackberrys connected to the wireless network.
Connect to the wireless with Game Consoles, Smart TVs, Media Streaming Devices, Barcode Scanners and more!
Requirements and step by step guide to get connected to eduroam on Android.
Step by step instructions on connecting devices to the csuchico-guest wireless network.
Detailed descriptions of available wireless networks and requirements.