ChromeOS Eduroam Setup

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Please ensure that your Chromebook is fully up-to-date prior to attempting a connection to the campus wireless network.

Remove csuchico and eduroam wireless profiles

1. Go to your wireless settings by clicking the settings menu in the bottom right of your screen and clicking the arrow under the WiFi icon.

Device Quick Menu


2. Click the gear icon to go to your wireless network settings.

Network Settings


3. Click the arrow on the right side of the Wi-Fi network to display all known networks.

View All Networks


4. Click the arrow on the right side of the csuchico wireless network to display the csuchico network settings.

csuchico network settings


5. Click "Forget" to forget the csuchico network.

Forget Network


How To Setup Eduroam:

To setup Eduroam on a ChromeBook you will need to download and install eduroam-ChromeOS-Chico_State.onc to your device. To do this, follow these instructions:

1) Click the link to go to the download page and click the download button to download :


2) Navigate to the ChromeBookOS settings in your ChromeBookOS browser by going to the following URL:



3) On the left-hand side, click on the menu option for ChromeOS and then click the top-most blue link




4) Click the "Choose file" button at the bottom and select the file that you downloaded in Step 1:  (eduroam-ChromeOS-Chico_State.onc). This will install the "eduroam" configuration file on your system. Once you have selected the file, the message will change to show that it has been imported. 

5) Once the file has been imported it is stored on your machine. You can now close Chrome entirely.


6) Select the "eduroam" network from the list and enter your credentials. If your credentials were entered correctly, you should be connected to Eduroam.

Select Eduroam


If you receive a "Could not Connect" error or the eduroam network will not connect, please visit our office in MLIB 142 during our business hours. You may be experiencing account problems, such as account locks, Deny roles, or an unsatisfactory password.


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