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This article is designed to guide you though connecting to the "csuchico-guest" Wi-Fi network.


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The "csuchico-guest" Wi-Fi is a courtesy network intended for the use of campus guests. All CSU, Chico students, faculty, and staff should use "eduroam" or "csuchico" Wi-Fi for wireless service (depending on the requirements of the device) and not "csuchico-guest" – the guest network offers limited bandwidth and limited access to campus resources. The "csuchico-guest" Wi-Fi uses a self registration system that requires the user to fill out a basic registration form through a captive portal much like you see at a hotel or convention. It requires a name, valid phone number where you can receive a text message (SMS) and a valid email address where you can receive email. After completing the form, you should receive an email and text message with your username and password. This username and password is valid for 9 hours from the time of registration. After this time has expired, you will need to reregister to get a new username and password.

If you have been issued credentials for a Conference Account, please CLICK HERE


1. A device capable of connecting to a Wi-Fi network
2. A valid email address -or- phone number capable of receiving text messages (SMS)
3. The ability to access the registration email without a Wi-Fi connection (usually via cellular data connection) -or- ability to receive registration text message (SMS)

Note: Standard text messaging (SMS) and data rates apply as per your cellular provider  


1. Connect to the "csuchico-guest" wireless network.

2. Open your browser if it does not automatically launch. You should be automatically redirected to the captive portal registration page. Please fill out the following form:

You will need to enter:

  • Your Name:
  • Your Phone Number: (you will receive an text message with your username and password)
  • Your Mobile Carrier:
  • Your Email Address: (you will receive an email with your username and password, you email address will also be your username)
  • Accept the terms of use by checking the box
  • Select "Register" to submit the form

3. You will then be shown a receipt from your registration process. Select "Login In Here" to continue.

4. Check the email address and/or phone number you used for registration, you should have received an email or text message from "" that includes your username and password:

Note: If you opted to receive this notification via email, be sure to check your "Junk" or "Spam" folders for the registration email if its does not appear in your inbox.

5.  At the next screen, please enter the username and password provided in the registration email or text message, and select "Log In"

6. That's it! You are now connected to "csuchico-guest" wireless network!

Known Issues:

 - We are aware of an issue where some users are not receiving guest login credentials via text message (SMS.) It is important that you select the correct Mobile Carrier in Step 2 as this tells our system where to send the text message (SMS.) Your carrier information generally matches the carrier branding on your phone (Cricket, T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, etc.) or can be found on your billing statement from your cellular provider. If you do not know who provides your service, please check your email for your credentials.

- We are aware of an issue where iPhone users (especially with iOS version 11.4) are not automatically redirected to the self-registration page after connecting to the guest-wireless. This is related to the security compatibility between the self-registration page and the Safari on iPhones. However, there is a temporary solution that the users can 1. Clear History and Website Data of the Safari web browser in through the Settings 2. Open Safari web browser and go to any webpage (i.e. or in order to redirect to the self-registration page. If the page was redirected to the warning page with a title 'This Connection is not Private,' find the 'Show Details' link below the warning paragraph, then click the link and click 'Visit this website.' This will redirect the user to the self-registration page.

- We are aware of an issue with the default cookies setting of the Safari on iPhones that they are set to 'Block all cookies.' Check the Safari settings and make sure the 'Block all cookies' option is disabled.

- We are aware of an issue where Chromebooks that were once connected to the 'csuchico' wireless network remembers it and prioritize it over the 'csuchico-guest' that the device switches the connection from the csuchico-guest to csuchico network during the configuration process after clicking the 'Sign in' button. We are still under investigation of the cause, but in the meantime we suggest the users to manually forget the csuchico network from the settings. This will allow the configuration to succeed and connect to the network. 

Conference Accounts:

If you have been issued credentials to a Conference Account, your process will be slightly different.

1. Connect to the "csuchico-guest" wireless network.

2. Open your browser if it does not automatically launch. You should be redirected to the captive portal registration page. At the bottom of the page select "Sign In" next to the text that reads "Do you already have a guest account?"

3. At the Guest Network Login page, please enter the Username and Password provided for the conference, and select "Log In"

4. That's it! You are now connected to "csuchico-guest" wireless network!



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