Sharing your Screen in Zoom

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Sharing your Screen

Assuming you have enabled Screehshare on your Chico State Zoom account settings or from the Security button if you are the meeting host. 

  1. Select  Share Screen on the Zoom taskbar. 

  1. Select the screen or application you want to share. (share your entire screen as shown below if you want to make sure your audience sees everything you are doing. Tip: Close email and other applications containing sensitive data first.) 

  2. Select  Share Screen. 

Note: you must select Share Computer sound on the lower-left portion of the window if you want participants to be able to hear sound on a video or other media.
See Zoom’s help article on Sharing your screen content or a second camera for tips. 

Share screen window within Zoom

Moving the Zoom Taskbar 

Once you are sharing your screen, your Zoom taskbar moves to the top of the screen. 

You can re-position the taskbar to the bottom of the screen by selecting the Dock to Bottom arrow as shown below. 

Zoom taskbar while screen sharing. Arrow is pointing to the move taskbar to bottom


Annotate your screen share

  • Mouse button to select objects
  • Select 
  • Text to create a text box
  • Draw button to draw lines (TLP tip: the arrow in the Draw tool is a TLP favorite.)
  • Stamp to add an arrow, heart, or other icons to the screenshare
  • Spotlight button to have spotlight following the mouse
  • Eraser button the clear previous mark-ups
  • Color button to change the color of your mark-ups
  • Undo and Redo button
  • Clear button to clear all mark-ups


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