Android Global Protect OnDemand VPN


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Account Requirements

  • Current Facualty & Staff should meet requirements
  • Students can access the OnDemand VPN but are not automatically granted access
    • If you have a course that requires a VPN connection, you will be granted rights based on course enrollment, no additional steps are required
    • If you would like to opt in for access to the OnDemand VPN, please complete the request form [LOCATED HERE]


Download, Installation & Configuration Instructions


1. Please find the Google Play store on your Android device and search for "GlobalProtect VPN" by Palo Alto Networks and select "Install".


2. Give it a moment to download and install.


3. Once it's complete, selecting the "Open" button will launch the app. You will need to manually configure the software the first time you use it.


4. After opening the app, you will be prompted for the portal address. Please enter:


Then tap "CONNECT" at the bottom of the screen.


5. The app will now prompt you for your credentials for Sign In. This is the same username you use with your csuchico portal and email accounts. After successfully entering your credentials, tap the "SIGN IN" button to connect. 


6. Your Android device should now prompt you to accept a connection request. Tap "OK" to continue with the setup.


7. You should now be connected to the VPN, congratulations!



How to Disconnect and Reconnect your VPN client

1. Find and launch the GlobalProtect app from your device. You can tap the large shield icon in the center of the screen to connect using your saved credentials. While disconnected, the background for the app will be grey.

2. Once connected, the background for the app will turn blue. Select the shield icon again to disconnect.

Other Settings and Connection Information

1. You can find connection status and other client information by tapping the three horizontal bars in the top left of the GlobalProtect app.


2. Select Settings > Connection Status to view connection information.



Generating a log file

In the course of troubleshooting an issue, you may be asked to generate a log file.

Note: Please do not send unsolicited log files to ITSS wink

1. Please start by tapping the three horizontal bars in the top left of the GlobalProtect app.


2. Select "HELP from the menu.


3. Enter the desired destination for the log files and select "EMAIL LOGS".


4. The app will now ask you to select one of the email clients found on your device. Please select a client that is actually configured to send and receive email.

5. The GlobalProtect VPN app will open your selected email application and automatically attach a zip file containing your log information to a new email. Please send this email to the requested address. In the below sample image, we are sending the logs to our own email address so we can forward them along later.



Clearing Saved Credentials and Sign Out of the VPN Application

Your username and password are saved by the application so that you do not need to type them in each time you wish to connect. If for some reason you would like to clear this information out of the VPN app, please do the following:

1. Please start by tapping the three horizontal bars in the top left of the GlobalProtect app.


2. Select "SIGN OUT" from the bottom of the menu.

3. You will be notified that this action will clear the saved credentials from your device. Select "CONTINUE" to proceed.

4. Your saved credentials are now clear. In order to reconnect, you will need to re-enter your connection information. Please see Step 4 in the "Download, Installation & Configuration" section of this guide.

Remove the GlobalProtect VPN Client

The process to remove the GlobalProtect VPN Client is the same as any other app on your device. The process outlined below was done on a device running Android 9, so your process may differ slightly depending on your specific version.

1. Find the GlobalProtect icon on the screen of your device, then tap and hold until the "App info" dialog is displayed. Release and tap the "App info" bubble.


2. Select "UNINSTALL" from the App info menu.



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