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Request access to Astra Schedule for viewing and/or scheduling events and/or academics.

Need a new email account or help with an existing account? Right this way...

Get help configuring desktop applications such as Outlook, Office, or other standard campus applications on PCs and Macs.

Get help with a problem, issue, or service that isn't listed.

Request a new static IP for computers and servers that need a permanent IP address.

Report a problem or issue with your campus faculty/staff Exchange email, including Outlook and OWA.

Request installation/activation of a new wired network connection.

Data and reports for student data, course/class data, faculty/staff data, budget/financial data, facilities data, property data, etc.

Read more about support for Blackboard and related tools on the TLP Knowledge Base.

Request a website scan and report of accessibility issues.

Add or remove users to the Course Builder role.

Request support for an AS computer experiencing hardware issues.

Request AS assistance in maintaining content on your website.