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Need a new email account or help with an existing account? Right this way...

Get help or report a problem with the campus wiki.

Get help configuring desktop applications such as Outlook, Office, or other standard campus applications on PCs and Macs.

Get help with a problem, issue, or service that isn't listed.

Request an exception to network access control policies to allow unsupported antivirus or patching agents.

Request a new static IP for computers and servers that need a permanent IP address.

Report a problem or issue with your campus faculty/staff Exchange email, including Outlook and OWA.

Request installation/activation of a new wired network connection.

CRA access requests for employees.

Read more about support for Blackboard and related tools on the TLP Knowledge Base.

Request a website scan and report of accessibility issues.

Add or remove users to the Course Builder role.

Request support for an AS computer experiencing hardware issues.