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Requirements and a step by step guide to get Windows devices configured for eduroam.
Click the link above to find out more about the new Palo Alto Global Protect VPN
A guide to getting Windows devices connected to the VPN via Pulse Secure.
Instructions for use of the Global Protect AlwaysON VPN system for state or university owned machines running Windows OS.
Get started with Chico VPN via Pulse Secure. This includes information, requirements, and links to use the VPN.
Click above for information and instructions about the OnDemand VPN client for Windows devices
This guide covers how to set your PC to default to B/W printing. These instructions are specifically for the Ray Morgan MFPs, but most other color print devices have similar settings in these same locations, so this guide can be used for those as well.
As campus systems and web pages use new technology on an ongoing basis, you may periodically be required to update your browser in order to have web pages to work correctly.
This article provides links to help you update various browsers, as well as your versions of Flash and Java.
Detailed information on the Network Error prompt for IP Address Conflicts.
Step by step guide to resolving initializing issues with ClearPass Onguard for Windows.
Detailed information and possible workarounds for Clearpass Onguard known issues impacting Windows and Mac OS X devices.
Guides to assist in finding the mac address from devices.
Detailed information on issues that may impact devices being able to connect to eduroam.
A guide to collect and send Clearpass Onguard logs for Windows and Mac OSX.