Find Your IP and MAC Address on Windows

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What is this an IP address?

An IP Address is assigned to your computer whenever you connect to a network.  It provides a means for other computers to identify and "talk" with your computer.  You would use the IP address to connect to another computer to access files or control your computer remotely, among other things.

What is a MAC address?

Your MAC address (also called the "Physical" or "Hardware" address) is a unique address assigned to each network adapter, and differentiates different computers on a network.  Chico State commonly uses MAC addresses to assign Static IP Addresses to devices such as printers and servers that need to have their IP Address stay the same all the time.

Open the Network and Sharing Center

To start, open the Control Panel. If you are using Category View, you should click on View Network Status and Tasks under "Network and Internet." If you are viewing Small or Large Icons, you should click on Network and Sharing Center.

[network and internet box]   [network sharing center]

Open your Connection Status

Click on Change Adapter Settings from the sidebar on the left. This should take you to a screen listing all the network all the network adapters on your computer. Right-click the adapter you want to find the IP/MAC Address for, and then choose Status.

[change adapter settings] [status highlighted]

Open Network Connection Details

Finally, click on the Details... button.  In the window that appears, you should see information associated with your network connection. 
Your MAC address will appear in the list as the Physical Address and be in the format xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx. 
Your IP Address should also be listed in the format

[choose details] [network connection details]


Once you have recorded the information that you need, click Close and Close, then exit the Control Panel


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