How do I download my roster in Canvas?

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This guide helps instructors to view and download students' university email addresses in Canvas using the New Analytics feature. Unlike Blackboard, Canvas does not display this information directly, but it can be accessed through the New Analytics roster or reports. Understanding how to access this information can enhance communication with students and facilitate course management.


  • Instructor access to Canvas courses.
  • Courses must be published to use New Analytics.

Step-by-Step Instructions

How to view Email Addresses in the New Analytics Roster

To view student email addresses directly in Canvas using the New Analytics roster, follow these steps:

  1. Enter your Course: From your Canvas dashboard, locate the course whose roster you wish to view. If it's not visible, select Courses [1] then All Courses [2].
    select all courses from left global menu
  2. Open New Analytics: On your course homepage, select the New Analytics button from the right-hand sidebar.
    select new analytics
  3. Open the Students Tab: In New Analytics, select the Students tab [1]. Here, students' email addresses are displayed beneath their names [2].
    select student from student tab

How to Download a Roster From Canvas with Email Addresses

To download a roster from Canvas that includes students' email addresses, Wildcat IDs, and section information, do the following:

  1. Enter your Course: Navigate to your desired course from the Canvas dashboard or via Courses [1] > All Courses [2] if your course isn't immediately visible.
    select all courses
  2. Open New Analytics: From the course home page, select New Analytics in the right-hand sidebar.
    select new analytics
  3. Download the Class Roster Report: In New Analytics, go to the Reports tab [1], then run the Class Roster report [2]. You may be prompted to apply filters, but you can proceed by selecting Run Report without changing any filters. The report will automatically download.
    select reports and download the class roster
  4. Open the Report: Using a spreadsheet editor like Excel or Google Sheets, open the downloaded report. The students' emails will be listed in the Email column.
    open report


When I open New Analytics, an error is displayed that says, "Course data is being processed."

New Analytics will only work after your course is published. When you first launch New Analytics, even after publishing your course, you may receive an error that says data is being processed. This message means that New Analytics hasn't processed any data for your course yet. It may take up to 72 hours for data to become available in New Analytics. If you continue to receive this error, please open a ticket with the Learning Technologies team.

error message

Not all my students are displayed or the information in New Analytics is outdated

New Analytics doesn't update immediately when your course changes. Data is refreshed for published courses in the New Analytics dashboard every 24 hours. Report data may be delayed by 24 hours; however, Course Activity Report data may be delayed by 40 hours. Only active and completed student enrollments are included in data for New Analytics. Deleted or inactive user enrollments do not generate data.

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