Copying Smaller Pieces of your Migrated Blackboard Course

TLP recommends this work method, if you need to slow down, and view the contents of your migrated Blackboard Learn course as you copy each chunk of content over. 

You can copy a single module, assignment, quiz, assignment, discussion, etc., one at a time using the Copy To function. 

If you copy a Module, Canvas automatically copies the pages, quizzes, assignments, discussions and files associated with that module. This is a nice way to ensure you are only getting your most relevant content if you organize your course by week. 

  1. Access Canvas from the Chico State portal.
  2. From your Global Navigation menu, select Courses.
  3. Locate your migrated course.
  1. From your Migrated course From Modules, select Collapse All and get a sense of what is there.
  • Modules roughly equate to folders in Blackboard. 
  • Sub-folders in Blackboard equate to section headings in modules. Modules are a flattened hierarchy. There is no nesting.
  • Organize your modules using text headers & indentation. 
  1. When ready to copy a given chunk of content (assuming a Module), select the ... to the right and choose Copy To function. 
    Arrow pointing to context menu
  2. Select the course you want to copy to. For example, Fall 2023
    Refer to Canvas's instructions for How Do I Copy a Module to Another Course?     
    From select a course field it is the fall 2023 version of course
  1. After copying a chunk of content, navigate to your live, student-enrolled Canvas course labeled with Term Fall 2023.
  • How does it look?

  • Anything missing? Assignments? Quizzes? Discussions? Resources?

  • If so, copy those things individually, the same way using the Copy To function, or, if you feel ready, use the Import Existing Content method described in this article. 

  1. From the course menu, run the Ally Course Accessibility report. Any major issues? Address them, while they are manageable. 
    If you see PDFs that are not accessible please submit a ticket through TeamDynamix for help with course accessibility.  


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