Copying Smaller Pieces of your Migrated Blackboard Course

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Transitioning your course from Blackboard Learn to Canvas can feel like a daunting task, but with the right guidance, it becomes a seamless experience. This guide offers a systematic approach endorsed by TLP to ensure that instructors can migrate their content while also retaining the structure and intent of their original courses. By following the steps outlined below, you can view your migrated content in detail and efficiently transfer modules, assignments, quizzes, and other essential components.

Key Information

  • Copy Options: Individual items such as modules, assignments, quizzes, discussions, etc., can be copied using the Copy To function.
  • Module Benefits: Copying a Module in Canvas automatically includes associated pages, quizzes, assignments, discussions, and files.
  • Optimal Organization: This method ensures only the most pertinent content is copied, ideal for courses organized weekly.

Accessing & Navigating Your Migrated Course

  1. Access Canvas via the Chico State portal.
  2. From the Global Navigation menu, choose Courses, then select All Courses.
  3. Locate your migrated course, tagged as Migrated_[COURSE TERM]_[COURSE ID].
  4. Get familiar with the Canvas layout:
    • Click on Modules then Collapse All to explore content.
    • Remember, Canvas Modules are like Blackboard's folders, and there's no nested structure in Canvas as in Blackboard.

Copying Content to Another Course

  1. To copy content like a Module, click on the content's ... icon and select Copy To.
    Arrow pointing to context menu
  2. Select the desired course for copying the content, e.g., Fall 2023. Further guidance is available in Canvas's guide.
    From select a course field it is the fall 2023 version of course
  3. After copying, check the Fall 2023 Canvas course:
    • Inspect the transferred content's accuracy.
    • If items such as assignments, quizzes, discussions, or resources are missing, either manually copy them or use the Import Existing Content method.

Next Steps

  1. Content Review: After migrating, navigate through your new Canvas course. Ensure all modules, assignments, quizzes, and discussions appear as expected. Address any gaps by copying missing items or utilizing the Import Existing Content method.
  2. Accessibility Check & Creation:
  3. Engage with Peers: Collaborate with colleagues who've also migrated. Their insights can offer invaluable best practices and tips.
  4. Continuous Learning: Stay updated with Canvas's new features and updates. Regularly explore official guides, forums, and webinars to enhance your course design and delivery. Make sure to attend TLP's Canvas workshops to learn ways to save time and


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