How do I access the Ally Course Accessibility Report as an instructor?

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This guide outlines how to access and interpret the Ally Course Accessibility Report in Canvas. Understanding this report is crucial for improving the accessibility of your course materials, ensuring that all students, regardless of their abilities, can effectively engage with your course content.


Step-by-Step Instructions

To access and understand the Ally Course Accessibility Report, do the following:

  1. From your Canvas course menu, select Ally Course Accessibility Report.
  2. Observe the overall accessibility score presented in the top left-hand corner. This score reflects the average accessibility level of your course content.
  3. Review the score categories:
    • Low (0-33%): Indicates severe accessibility issues that need immediate attention.
    • Medium (34-66%): The course is somewhat accessible but requires improvements.
    • High (67-99%): The course is largely accessible, with room for minor enhancements.
    • Perfect (100%): No accessibility issues detected.


  • If you encounter discrepancies in the reported accessibility scores, remember that Ally functions as a separate tool from Canvas and may not perfectly reflect the accessibility of your content.
  • For known issues, such as incorrect flagging of images and headers, consider manual checks and adjustments based on accessibility guidelines.

Next Steps

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