Polling for Zoom Meetings


Zoom has a a polling feature which allows meeting hosts to create and deploy polls during scheduled Zoom meetings.  Polls can be anonymous, and polling results can be downloaded as a report after the meeting ends.

Quicklinks: Prerequisites | Enable Polling | Creating Polls | Surveys | Editing an Existing Poll | Launching Polls | Viewing Poll/Quiz Results | Creating Polls Using the .csv Template | Questions |


  • The meeting host must be a licensed user (ensure this by signing in using SSO)
  • Zoom must be version 5.4.7 or higher (ensure this by updating your Zoom client)
  • The meeting must either be a scheduled meeting, or created using your Personal Meeting ID

Enable Polling

  1. Sign in to your Chico Zoom web portal at https://csuchico.zoom.us/
  2. Navigate to Settings, and under In Meeting (Basic), ensure that Meeting Polls/Quizzes is enabled.

Check Allow host to create advanced polls and quizzes to create polls that include single choice, multiple choice, drop down, matching, short answer, long answer, rank order, and fill-in-the-blank questions. Hosts will also be able to set correct answers for quizzes they create.

NOTE: Users below version 5.8.3 will not be able to view or participate in advanced poll

Creating Polls

  1. Sign in to your Chico Zoom web portal at https://csuchico.zoom.us/
  2. Navigate to the Meetings tab, and click on your scheduled meeting. (Select the link to the meeting. Do NOT choose Edit) 
    • If you do not have a scheduled meeting you must first create one in order to add polls to it. 
    • Alternatively, you can create a poll on the fly during the meeting itself. Alternative Hosts can also create a poll if that setting has been enabled for the meeting. 
      meeting in zoom
  3. Once the meeting details display, select the Polls/Quizzes tab on the top.
  4. Select Create.

5. Choose the Poll type: Poll or Advanced Poll / Quiz. Select Next. 

7. Create one or more questions and Save your poll.

If this is a quiz, select .... to indicate that it is a quiz and enable the Set Answer feature.

If it is a quiz select Set Answer and indicate the correct answers. 

8. Save.


For information on enabling and creating surveys, see the following article: Post-meeting survey and reporting.

Editing an Existing Poll

  • Navigate to your zoom meetings, then click on the title of the meeting with the poll you wish to create/edit.

  • Scroll to the bottom to see available polls/quizzes to edit.

Launching Polls

  1. Start your scheduled meeting.
  2. From the Zoom taskbar, select Polls.
    1. If you have created more than one poll for this meeting, you may select from them using the drop down arrow at the top right of the menu, next to Edit.
    2. NOTE: Your Participants will not be able to see this menu until Launch Polling is selected.
  3. Select Launch Polling to begin gathering results.

  1. Once you are satisfied with the results, select End Poll.
  2. If you would like to share the results of the poll with all meeting participants, select Share Results.
  3. After the meeting has ended you can download a report of the poll results. This report will display responses given, as well as user profile names and email addresses.  If the poll was made anonymous, the report will only show responses.

Viewing Poll / Quiz Results

When you end the poll/quiz in the meeting you can view and download the results. 

To view a Poll Report from your Blackboard course for review, downloading, or attendance purposes, use this link: Viewing Zoom Poll Reports.

You may also download a report of the poll results from your Chico Zoom portal.

Creating Polls using the CSV Template

  1. Navigate to the course you want to poll.
  2. Select Zoom on the left hand side, and then select Zoom Virtual Classroom.

  1. Click on the link to the Zoom meeting for the date you want to run the poll.
  2. Scroll to the bottom.
  3. Select Download a CSV Template.

  1. Locate and open the CSV template using MS Excel or other spreadsheet software.  It will look like the image below.

  1. Enter in your own questions.  Delete any text you don't need.  Leave the header row (Title, Questions Name, Questions Type, Answers).
  2. Save the file.
  3. Navigate back to the Zoom meeting details page within Blackboard, and Select Import CSV.
  4. Browse to locate the saved CSV file on your PC, and upload it.
  5. Your poll(s) have now been added to your meeting.  You may deploy these polls using the same methods as before.


Contact the Technology and Learning Program TLP Live Zoom Support Room (Drop-in assistance for faculty Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.) or by email: TLP@csuchico.edu


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