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Account Center - FAQ

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What is Account Center?

On June 1, 2017, Information Resources will launch a new system called Account Center. This is the latest effort in the University's Identity & Access Management (IAM) initiative. Account Center will control the way campus users' accounts are created and managed, and will provide a number of improvements over current systems. Account Center will:

  • Replace the current Identity & Access Management system called Registry, in order to provide the functionality necessary to keep pace with the needs of the University.
  • Address information security audit findings from 2008/2014 related to campus password management policies.
  • Automate the provisioning and de-provisioning of campus accounts for all employees and students. Employee account provisioning has historically been a manual, multi-step process that is slow and prone to errors. In some cases it can take a new employee several weeks to get access to all of the services necessary to do their job.

What are the important transition dates?

May 16 - June 6: Parent Portal will be locked

  • Parent account creation will not be available during this period
  • Parents with existing accounts will continue to be able to access information and should not be impacted

May 19 - 31: New account creation will be suspended

  • Accounts cannot be created for new students, faculty, or staff during this period
  • Faculty, staff and students with existing accounts should not be impacted

May 20:

  • Some employees may see a change in their display name in Active Directory and Office 365 (employee email, AKA Exchange) as we transition to the new system

June 1: Account Center will be operational

  • Account creation for new faculty, staff and students will resume (but will be automated instead of manual)
  • Individuals can go into Account Center and change their display name which will automatically update the display name in Active Directory, LDAP, Office 365, Google Apps and Blackboard Learn

How will the transition to the new system impact campus users?

The process to move all of the existing accounts into Account Center will begin at 5pm on May 19 and run through May 31, 2017. As the transition begins to sync Active Directory and Office 365, employees may see changes to their display names based on their preferred name in PeopleSoft.  For more information about display name changes in Active Directory click here.

What will change when Account Center is operational?

  • New employee accounts will be created automatically in Blackboard Learn, Office 365, Google Apps, Active Directory and LDAP (currently a series of manual processes)
  • Some employees may see a change in their display name in Active Directory and Office 365 as we transition to the new system
  • As of June 1, 2017, individuals will have the ability to change their display names through Account Center
  • New faculty will only get access to course shells and student data in Blackboard Learn after I9 processes are complete (policy requirement)
  • All students will automatically receive Active Directory accounts
  • All student employees will automatically receive Office 365 accounts
  • New password management tools will provide additional self-service options for account recovery
  • New password rules will be implemented for employees and students

Why was this date range chosen for the transition to Account Center?

In consultation with Human Resources, Faculty Affairs, Admissions, The Registrar's Office, Graduate Studies, Regional & Continuing Education, and Office of International Education, it was determined that the dates between May 19  - May 31 would have the least impact to campus accounts related to account provisioning, account claiming, and access to campus services. The timeline allows the transition to occur after finals and before summer session begins.

Managing Names in Account Center

What is a display name?

Display name is your first, last (and potentially middle) names that are displayed in campus systems.  During the Account Center transition, display name values will be copied from the Preferred Name fields in PeopleSoft; if Preferred Name values do not exists in PeopleSoft, the display name values will be copied from the Legal Name fields in PeopleSoft. Once Account Center is operational on June 1, individuals can go in and update their display name, which will then be populated into the following systems:

  • Active Directory (format is First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name)
  • LDAP (format is First Name, Middle Name, Last Name)
  • Office 365 (format is First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name)
  • Google Apps (format is First Name, Last Name)
  • Blackboard Learn (format is First Name, Last Name)

Why did my display name change?

Beginning on May 20, you may see changes to your first and/or last name in Active Directory and Office 365, depending on the current values stored in the Preferred Name fields in PeopleSoft (or if you don't have a preferred name in PeopleSoft, your name will be copied from the Legal Name fields in PeopleSoft).  This change is occurring as part of a large effort to synchronize and standardize the many campus systems that store display name values, and to provide a consistent search experience in the Global Address List in Office 365 for employees.

How will this impact searching in the Office 365 Global Address List?

Currently Office 365 users are listed by Last Name, First Name (McTester, Marty) and default searches are initiated by Last Name. The new naming convention will change to First Name, followed by Middle Initial, then Last Name (Marty M McTester).  The default search criteria in Office 365 will change from Last Name to First Name. For more information about the changes to the global directory click here.

Change display name step-by-step guide:

Why didn't my name change in campus systems when I changed my name with Human Resources and/or the Registrar's Office?

Campus allows individuals the flexibility to control their display names through Account Center. There are situations when individuals will need to update their name with Human Resources and/or the Registrar's Office but would like to use a different name to display to other campus users. Instructions to change your display name are provided above.

Password Management in Account Center

In early June, CSU, Chico will start using Account Center for password management, replacing the old student and employee password management systems. Account Center provides new options to allow users to self-recover their passwords.

What password changes will occur once Account Center is operational?

All students, faculty and staff will be required to reset their passwords every 365 days. In the past faculty and staff were required to reset their passwords every 180 days. Students were not required to reset their password except in the event a compromised account.

What are the new password requirements?

  • Minimum of eight characters
  • 1 upper case letter
  • 1 lower case letter
  • 1 special character
  • 2 alpha character
  • 1 numeric character
  • Dictionary words of 5 letters or more not allowed

I forgot my password. What do I do?

Automated provisioning of accounts in Account Center

How often are accounts provisioned?

Employee, student, auxiliary, consultant and volunteer accounts are provisioned once a day beginning at 5 am. The accounts are provisioned based on information that is in PeopleSoft.  

Why wasn't my account provisioned?

There are several factors that may cause problems in account provisioning. They are:

  • Information has not been keyed into PeopleSoft
  • State employees have not completed the I9 process
  • Information was miss-keyed in PeopleSoft
  • The nightly process to pull information into Account Center has not occurred yet

What do I do if my account has not been provisioned?

State Employee

1. Check with your department to make sure your information has been keyed into PeopleSoft including your personal email address. The personal email address is used to send notification that the account has been created and directions to claim the account.

2. Make sure your I9 paperwork has been submitted to Human Resources

3. Make sure you wait at least 24 hours for Account Center to provision the new account once the information is in PeopleSoft

4. If all of the information is in PeopleSoft and the account is still not provisioned, please contact IT Support Services at 530-898-4357 for help

AS or Foundation Employees

1. Check with the AS or Foundation Human Resources group to make sure your infomration has been keyed into PeopleSoft

2. Make sure your personal email address is correct in PeopleSoft. The personal email is used to send notification that your new account has been provisioned and the information necessary to claim it.

3. Make sure to wait at least 24 hours for Account Center to provision the new account after the information is keyed into PeopleSoft

4. If the information has been entered into PeopleSoft and it has been more than 24 hours, please contact IT Support Services at 530-898-4357 for help.


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