My Students Cannot Progress to the Next Module

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Instructors using module prerequisites in Canvas observe that some students' progress is locked, preventing these students from accessing the desired module or its contents. This issue is manifested by students being unable to proceed despite meeting the prerequisites.


  • Canvas
  • Student Role
  • Courses with module prerequisites


To fix the module prerequisite lock problem in Canvas, instructors can follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Access Module Settings: Log in to Canvas and navigate to the course where the issue is occurring. From the affected module, click on the three dots [1], and select Edit [2].

    edit the module
  2. Update Module: Select Update Module to cause Canvas to re-evaluate students' progress within the module.

  3. Confirm Access for Affected Students: Verify that the previously affected students have access to the module by selecting View Progress from the top of the modules page. Check for any lock symbols on the affected students to ensure the issue has been resolved successfully.

    view progress

By following these step-by-step instructions, you can resolve the module prerequisite lock problem in Canvas, allowing all students to access the desired module and its contents according to the established prerequisites.

Root Cause

The problem arises due to a glitch or inconsistency in how Canvas enforces or updates module prerequisites for some students. Performing an update to the module's settings causes Canvas to re-evaluate students' progress in the module, thereby resolving the access issue for affected students.

Note: If the problem persists or you encounter any other issues with Canvas, please reach out to Canvas Support or Learning Technology Services for further assistance.

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