How do I change the name of my Canvas course?

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In Canvas, instructors are unable to directly change the name of their course. However, you have the option to set a nickname for your course instead. Nicknames can be helpful for organizing and distinguishing your courses within the Canvas dashboard. Follow the steps below to set a nickname for your Canvas course:

  1. Access the Canvas Dashboard: Log in to your Canvas account and navigate to the Canvas dashboard. The dashboard is the default landing page upon logging in.
  2. Locate the Course Card: On the dashboard, locate the course card for which you want to set a nickname. The course cards are typically displayed as rectangular boxes and contain information about each course.
  3. Expand Course Options: In the top-right corner of the course card, you will find three dots (ellipsis) representing additional options. Click on these dots to expand the menu of course options.
  4. Set the Nickname: Once the menu is expanded, you will see various options. Look for the "Nickname" option and select it. In the text field, type the desired nickname for your course. This nickname can be anything you find convenient or memorable. It can be a shorter version of the course name or any label that helps you differentiate the course from others.
  5. Apply the Nickname: After entering the nickname, select the "Apply" button to save the changes. The Canvas course card should now display the new nickname instead of the original course name.

Applying a nickname to a Canvas course.

By setting a nickname for your Canvas course, you can easily identify and manage your courses in the Canvas dashboard without directly changing the official course name.

Note: The nickname feature in Canvas allows you to personalize the display of your course within your account. However, please remember that the nickname is specific to your view and does not affect the course name for other users or participants.

If you have any further questions or encounter issues with setting a nickname for your Canvas course, please reach out to the Technology & Learning Program.


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