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If your question or issue cannot be resolved following the instructions below, please contact IT Support Services for over-the-phone or hands-on assistance. You can call 530-898-4357, or visit our office in Meriam Library Room 142.

Campus Policies with Duo 

What is Duo Multifactor Authentication?

Multifactor Authentication provides an extra layer of security in addition to passwords. This additional step ensures that your information, transactions, or online work is safer from unauthorized access by requiring a second method of authentication, such as a phone, code, or another registered device, to verify your identity. Even if someone obtains your password, they cannot access your account without having your registered Multifactor Authentication device.

How does Multifactor Authentication work?

Multifactor Authentication uses mobile technology to send an authentication request to your registered device. When you log into the Chico Portal with your Chico State username, a notification will be sent to your smartphone, SMS-capable cell phone, or other registered devices. You simply tap "Approve" on the screen, which verifies that you are the person logging in, and your access will be available.

Why should I use Multifactor Authentication?

Multifactor Authentication provides extra protection for the sensitive information our systems contain in case you are a victim of phishing or hacking. If someone steals your credentials and tries to access your account, your username and password will not be sufficient to log in. The thief will also need to have access to your device to complete the login process. If someone else tries to log in to your account, you will be notified on your device and you can deny them access instantaneously.

Do I have to use Duo to access my account?

Duo Multifactor Authentication is currently required for active faculty, staff, emeritus, and students.

Which University services or systems currently require Duo for login?

Currently, most campus systems require login approval using Duo.

Using Duo Multifactor Authentication 

How do I get started? How do I enroll a new device?

You can follow our guide to enrolling in Duo Multifactor Authentication (either first time or with a new device) by clicking the link here:

What devices are supported to register for Multifactor Authentication?

Duo Mobile currently supports the following devices: 

How many devices can I enroll in Duo?

Multifactor Authentication lets you register multiple devices to your account, so you can always access your account even if one device is temporarily unavailable. We recommend a minimum of two devices. For example, a mobile phone and hardware token, in case your phone dies, is lost or broken, is left at home, etc. 

What do I do if the Duo Mobile App says Duo is disabled?

If you have recently switched devices, even if you keep the same phone number, your Duo account may display as "Disabled" in the Duo Mobile app. To resolve this, just re-enroll your device in Duo by following the guide on our Knowledge Base for Enrolling in Multifactor Authentication:

How do I manage or edit my Duo devices?

If you want to add a new device, follow the guide on our Knowledge Base for Enrolling in Multifactor Authentication:

If you are trying to manage other settings, start by opening an incognito / private window. Navigate to the Chico State Portal and log in but DO NOT send a Duo push. On the Duo window, click "Other options" then go to "Manage Devices".

How do I set up automatic Duo Push notifications?

With the Duo Universal Prompt, Duo will automatically use the last device that you had a successful prompt with. If this is not the device you want to use, click "Other options" and then choose the prompt type you want to use. 

How do I use the Remember Me feature?

To avoid being prompted by Duo multiple times a day on a trusted device, select "Yes, this is my device" when you log in. Duo won't prompt you again for most campus services for the next seven days. This is not recommended for shared devices.

Limitations on Remember Me for 7 days:

  • It won't carry over between different computers
  • It won't carry over when you switch web browsers, like changing from Chrome to Firefox
  • It isn't available for all services
  • Due to some technical limitations, it may not carry over between different services

Alternative Methods for Duo Mobile 

I don't have my Duo device with me. What can I do?

Contact IT Support Services (ITSS) by calling 530-898-4357, joining, or visiting Meriam Library 142.

How do I authenticate with my smartphone app if I don't have a cell signal, data, or a Wi-Fi connection?

If you cannot use the send me a Duo Push option, use the Enter a Passcode option. You can generate a passcode in the Duo Mobile app by expanding the Chico State option. You may have to click Show Passcode.

You can also generate a passcode with a Duo token if you have one assigned to you. Just click the button on the token, then a passcode should appear briefly. 

If none of these options work, please contact ITSS for assistance by calling 530-898-4357, joining, or visiting Meriam Library 142.

Can I use the app on my smartphone without affecting my data plan?

To use the app with no impact on your data plan, open the Duo Mobile app and tap the “Chico State” banner. A passcode (set of numbers) will appear. Using the passcode requires no data usage for your plan. Then log in to the system using the passcode.

What if I do not have a mobile device, or my device is not updated enough to use the app?

If your device is on an older OS, we recommend making sure that it is completely up to date before trying to install the Duo Mobile App. 

If that doesn't work or you do not have a mobile device, Duo supports multiple device options including using your campus phone extension or hardware tokens. To request a hardware token, put in a ticket here:

How do Hardware Tokens work?

Duo tokens are available to active faculty, staff, emeritus, and students upon request. To request a hardware token, put in a ticket here:

Duo tokens work with any browser and do not require a USB port. Duo tokens display a passcode at the touch of a button, but you must then type in the passcode in the Enter a Passcode field. 

Other Frequently Asked Questions 

What do I do if I get a Duo Push notification on my device when I didn't log in?

If you get a push notification from the Duo app that you did not request, that means someone else is trying to log in using your account, and your Chico Portal account may have been compromised. Tap the Deny button in your Duo app. Then go to the Chico portal and use Account Center to change your password as soon as possible. This will ensure access to your account remains secure. Inform ITSS at 530-898-4357 or email immediately if this occurs.

For help resetting your Chico Portal password, follow this guide:

My account is locked out. What should I do?

The most common reason your account is locked is because you have entered an incorrect password for your Chico Portal account or the Multifactor Authentication has failed at least 10 times. Please contact ITSS at 530-898-4357 or email

Why have I stopped receiving push notifications on the Duo Mobile app?

You may have trouble receiving push requests if there are Wi-Fi issues between your mobile device and Duo Security. Many mobile phones have trouble determining whether to use Wi-Fi or cellular data when checking for push requests. Simply turning the phone to airplane mode and back to normal operating mode again often resolves these issues if there is a reliable Internet connection available. Similarly, the issue may be resolved by turning off the Wi-Fi connection on your device and using the cellular data connection.

If these two methods do not resolve the issue, contact the ITSS Help Desk at 530-898-4357 or email

What should I do if my Duo Token is not working?

Though it is rare, Duo Tokens can go out of sync. To resolve the issue, contact ITSS at 530-898-4357 or email and request that your Duo Token be re-synced.


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