My Canvas Gradebook Won't Load

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Instructors using Canvas may experience issues with the Gradebook not loading properly. Symptoms include endless loading, empty pages, error messages, partial content display, unresponsive elements, visual distortions, and inconsistencies across different devices or browsers. These issues significantly hinder the functionality and usability of the Gradebook, affecting instructors' ability to manage course grades effectively.


  • The issue is experienced by instructors using the Canvas Gradebook.
  • The problem may manifest differently depending on the browser and device being used.


To fix the Gradebook loading issues in Canvas, follow these steps:

  1. Verify browser compatibility:
  2. Check your current browser version:
    • For Chrome: Select Help > About Google Chrome from the three-dot menu.
    • For Firefox: Select Help > About Firefox from the three-bar menu.
    • For Safari: Go to About Safari from the Safari top menu.
    • For Edge: Select Help and feedback > About Microsoft Edge from the three-dot menu.
  3. Update your browser if it is outdated:
    • Chrome & Firefox: These browsers usually auto-update. Check the 'About' section to trigger any updates.
    • Safari & Edge: Follow prompts in the 'About' section to update.
  4. Restart your browser to apply the update.
  5. Log back into Canvas and verify if the Gradebook now loads correctly.

After completing these steps, the Gradebook should load successfully, ensuring smooth access and operation within Canvas.

If these steps do not resolve the issue, try the following:

Use a different browser: Test Canvas on another supported browser to determine if the issue is browser-specific. Access via Wildcat Virtual Lab: Use this virtual environment for access to campus-licensed software and supported browsers. Visit the Wildcat Virtual Lab Support Page for instructions.

Root Cause

When Canvas Gradebook issues occur, it's often due to outdated or incompatible browsers. Canvas relies on modern web technologies that only recent browser versions support. Older browsers may lack essential features or exhibit differences in how web platform features operate, leading to compatibility issues.

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