Wildcat Lab (Azure Virtual Desktop)

Wildcat Lab (Azure Virtual Desktop or AVD) is a cloud service we are leveraging in place of most of our on-campus lab machines. The computer that you log into has the vast majority of programs that you would find in our on-campus labs, and you can log in either through a remote desktop connection or through your web browser.

Logging In

Web Browser

Logging into Wildcat Lab from the web browser is the easiest solution and you can do it from any device that has a web browser, though screen size may be a factor in the usability of the actual Windows environment.

Navigate to the login page and log in with your @csuchico.edu portal user name and password.  Do not use @mail.csuchico.edu to login. See the example below:

You will be given access to the "Wildcat Lab." Click the computer icon (your list of computers may look slightly different), and it will ask you for permission from your local resources. Here you can choose what you would like the virtual desktop to have access to. After selecting the resources you want the virtual desktop to have access to, click "Allow." Following this, you will be prompted with a login screen. Please enter your CSU Chico portal username and password once again, this login does not require @csuchico.edu. After this, you should be logged into a lab machine now. Below you will see an example of this process, in this example, I have circled the "Wildcat Lab" option you will use.

Remote Desktop Client

If you are on a Windows machine, you can download a client to run the Wildcat Lab session instead of running it in a web browser. The download is available here. You will be asked if you want to install for just yourself, or for everyone. If you choose to install for everyone, you will need to be an Administrator on that machine.

Once installed, open the app and hit the "Subscribe" button. This will prompt you to sign in with your CSU Chico account. Please make sure to subscribe with your portal username @csuchico.edu, not @mail.csuchico.edu. An example would be, if your username is jdoe123 you would subscribe with jdoe123@csuchico.edu.

Once logged in, you should see a list of computers that you can access. Click on one, and it will bring up a new sign-in window. Simply enter in your CSU Chico username and password here (no @csuchico.edu) and you will be signed into the lab machine.


Saving data

By default, your Desktop, Documents, and Pictures folders will be synced to OneDrive using your username@csuchico.edu account. This information can be accessed from any location by installing OneDrive on your computer or using the web portal here. You may not log on to the same machine every time, so you must save your information in one of those locations or upload it to Google Drive, as anything not saved in one of those locations will be wiped after you log out of the machine. 

Installed programs

Most programs installed on a normal computer lab will be on the WVD lab, but some may not be.

A list of programs installed on WVD can also be found in the knowledge base, though it may not include everything.

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