How Do I Access My Zoom Recording?

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This guide explains how to access and share Zoom recordings directly when Kaltura is experiencing prolonged issues. Sharing direct links to Zoom recordings can be useful as a temporary solution, especially since Zoom recordings are automatically deleted after 30 days.


  • Access to Zoom
  • At least one meeting recorded to the cloud in the last 30 days

Step-by-Step Instructions

To view your Zoom Cloud Recordings in Zoom, do the following:

  1. From the left menu, select Recordings.

  2. Locate the recording you want, and select Share.

    Chico State Zoom portal with recordings tab selected

  3. For easiest access, consider turning the passcode off as shown below. If you are concerned about students sharing with people outside of the class, leave it on.

  4. Select Copy sharing information to the clipboard.

    Zoom recording sharing settings

  5. Paste the information into Canvas (if needed).

Note: your Zoom recording will be deleted 30 days after the meeting ends. For long-term sharing, use Kaltura to share your Zoom recordings.


  • If the Zoom recording is not found in the Recordings tab, ensure that the recording has been processed and uploaded to the cloud.
  • Cloud recordings will go to the host's account. Ensure you are signed in with the correct Chico State Zoom account that holds the recordings.

Still need help? If you run into problems or still need help, faculty and staff can reach out to the Technology & Learning Program. Students can reach out to the Center for Technology Equity.

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