Initiating an Incomplete Agreement


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Executive Memorandum 10-018 requires an instructor to place in writing to the student the conditions for removal of a grade of incomplete. For many years our campus has used paper forms that have been kept in department offices. Student Record audits at several CSU campuses revealed that in many cases an incomplete agreement was not on file in the department office or elsewhere on campus. In response, the CSU delivered PeopleSoft functionality that adds an incomplete agreement to the class and grade rosters and allows students to view and accept the agreement in self-service. In the case that an instructor wants to change a student's grade to an Incomplete to allow for the student to improve their grade, the instructor must go back into the original roster and add the Incomplete Agreement. See the section below on Grade Changes.

GRADE ROSTER – Faculty Center

  • Click on Faculty Center from the Dashboard Menu and the appropriate term in which Incomplete was assigned.

screenshot view of the Faculty Center with Change Term Highlighted

After entering an incomplete grade on the grade roster, the following links will appear (must click  SAVE for link to appear):

  • Add link appears on the roster and the instructor can fill in the agreement.
  • Update link appears after the instructor has filled in the agreement.
  • View link appears after the student has accepted the conditions of the agreement
    • Once the student has accepted the agreement, changes cannot be made to the agreement other than marking it completed.
    • If the student completes the conditions of the agreement, a Change of Grade is required from the instructor.
    • If the student does not complete the conditions of the agreement, the student will receive a grade of IC or the grade to assign if no further work is completed from the agreement.

Example of an Incomplete Agreement


CLASS ROSTER – Faculty Center

Instructors can also add an Incomplete Agreement to a student from the Class Roster.



  • Students can view and accept an Incomplete Agreement by navigating to the Grades link in the Student Center and selecting the term
  • Students will review the agreement and check the box acknowledging the terms and conditions of the Incomplete Agreement.

GRADE ROSTER – Administrative

  • If an Incomplete grade is entered from the administrative grade roster, there is no requirement to add an Incomplete Agreement by Registrar staff.
  • The instructor must update the agreement from the Faculty Center in order for the agreement to appear in the Student Center.


  • A grade change to Incomplete does not require an agreement to be added by the Registrar staff. 
  • The instructor must update the agreement from the Faculty Center in order for the agreement to appear in the Student Center and the student to be able to accept the Incomplete Agreement. If changing grade online via the grade roster, the "Incomplete Agreement" option comes up after the "grade to" is entered as "I". 


For further assistance contact the Office of the Registrar at 530-898-5142 or

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