Faculty Center Grading

Viewing the Grade Roster

Once grade rosters have been created (typically the Friday before finals week) faculty will be notified that their rosters are ready for grading.

  • Faculty will enter through the Faculty Center link via the Chico Portal:

My Portal tab

  • OR, if Faculty are in their regular PeopleSoft account, they can enter by navigating to Main Menu>HighPoint>Campus Experience>Faculty Center:

Fluid Navigation to Faculty Center

  • Faculty rosters, both the class roster icon representing class roster in the new faculty center. Icon is a small outline of three poeple and grade roster icon representing grade roster in the new faculty center. Icon is a small graphic of a person in front of a lined paper show on the Faculty Center homepage.

screenshot view of the landing page in the Faculty Center. The screenshot displays My Schedule view with a word bubble saying "ensure you are in the correct term" when viewing your schedule. This depicts the classic schedule view

  • Click on the Grade Roster icon icon representing grade roster in the new faculty center. Icon is a small graphic of a person in front of a lined paper. If a grade roster icon is not present the class may be a non-graded section or access has not been granted by the department.

Classic view in the Faculty Center with a circle around the Grade Roster icon.

  • To enter grades, select the student’s grade from the drop-down box.

screenshot view of the grading center within the Faculty Center. Next to each student's name, there is a drop-down menu being pointed at indicating to select a grade to assign to each student

  • Set the roster to “Approved” and hit Save Button within the Grade roster view in the Faculty Center.  If all grades are not entered in one session, you may save the roster and return later.  If you do not save your work, you will need to enter the grades again.

Grade roster view within the Faculty Center. Under Grade Roster action, the Approval Status drop-down menu is highlighting "Approved" and an arrow points to the save button next to the approval option.

More Tools

Printer-Friendly Button

To print a grade roster from the Faculty Center, click on the ‘Printer Friendly Version’ button at the bottom of the grade roster. Browsers or your operating system may affect the output from using the “Printer Friendly Version” button. If so, you may need to adjust your settings to print your roster.

Download Button

The download button download icon appears on the Faculty Center class rosters and grade rosters. It allows you to download your roster into an Excel spreadsheet. You may need to disable or turn off your pop-up blocker or change your browser for the download button to operate correctly.

Sorting Capabilities

PeopleSoft gives you the ability to sort by column headings. Your grade roster is automatically sorted in name order. If you would like to sort by any other column, such as ID number, just click on the column heading.

 Still need help? Contact the Office of the Registrar at 530-898-5142 or registrar@csuchico.edu
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