Zoom Error 1001 - Your email does not exist or belong to this account

Zoom error code 1001

If you encounter this error while attempting to use Zoom, you may be logged into a Zoom profile that is not associated with CSU Chico. In order to avoid this, please log into Zoom with SSO.

Download the Zoom client

If you are on a University-owned computer, Zoom should already be installed. If you are on your own device, select one of the options below:

Log into Zoom

If you are prompted to log in, select "Sign In with SSO"

Zoom login screen showing Sign in with SSO

On the SSO screen, enter the domain "csuchico" so that the full domain reads as csuchico.zoom.us

Zoom SSO menu showing csuchico domain

That will send you to a campus web form, where you should be able to log in as you normally would.

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