Accessing Uniflow (MFP Printing) Reports

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How to access Uniflow (MFP Printing) Reports

First, you will need to be a member of the “Key Operators” group or the “Administrative Support Coordinators” group. The Administrative Support Coordinators group membership is automatic based on job title. If you are not an ASC but would still like access we can add you to the “Key Operators” group, just submit a ticket here indicating that you need access:

If you are a member of one of the two above groups you should be able to access the reports using one of the following methods depending on which type of computer operating system you have:


  1. Navigate to the mfp-printers server by entering "\\mfp-printers" (without quotes) into your "Search Windows" field at the bottom left of your task bar.
  2. Scroll down in the window that appears until you see the "Uniflow_Reports" folder, then open that folder to access the reports directory


  1. From the Finder application hit Command + K to bring up the ‘connect to server’ window.
  2. Enter “smb://mfp-printers/Uniflow_Reports” (without quotes) then click ‘Connect’
  3. Enter your Chico state username and password if prompted
  4. The folder should now appear on your desktop and in the Finder window sidebar

The reports are split up into folders by month, and then the individual reports can be identified by department abbreviation or GL string.  

Determining Package, Cost Center name and GL Code/Chartfield String

Your departments MFP package can be determined from the Uniflow Report by looking at the “Minimum Count” and “Minimum Cost”. These two values can be compared against the package numbers listed on the office copiers Knowledge Base article: Please keep in mind that if you have a split/merged cost center or any special upgrades or attachments on your MFP then the numbers may not match up exactly with the totals listed on the office copiers website. If you have trouble determining your departments package(s) please contact print support via a ticket for assistance.

Uniflow (MFP Printing) Report:

Image showing location of Minimum counts field on Uniflow Reports

Office Copier Website:

Your departments cost center name and GL Code/Chartfield String can be determined by checking the last page of the Uniflow Report, with the top value being the Cost Center Name and the bottom value being the GL Code/Chartfield string as shown here:

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