How do I review the activity of a student who dropped my class in Canvas?

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Instructors sometimes encounter situations where they need to access assignments submitted by students who have dropped their course. This need could arise for various reasons, such as validating the originality of work submitted by students who are re-taking the class after dropping it in a previous term.


  • Canvas LMS
  • Courses with students who dropped after the course start date


To access assignments submitted by a student who dropped the course, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Courses: If the course is not immediately visible on your dashboard, navigate to Courses > All Courses to find your list of current and past courses.
  2. Locate the Course: Within the list of courses, find the specific course you're interested in. If the course was held in a previous term, it will be located under Past Enrollments.
  3. Open the Course: Click on the course to open it.
  4. Access the People Page: From the left-hand sidebar inside the course, open the People page where all participants of the course are listed.
  5. Find the Student: Locate the student who dropped the course by browsing the list or using the search function. Click on their name to view their profile.
  6. Select Grades: From the drawer menu that appears, select Grades to view the student's submissions and grades.
  7. Review Submissions: On the individual grades page, you'll find all assignment submissions made by the student before they dropped the course.

Root Cause

Dropped students' enrollments are retained within the system to ensure accurate record-keeping and uphold the integrity of course data. From the moment a student enrolls in a course, their interactions, grades, submissions, and communications are logged and preserved.

Preserving these enrollments allows instructors to reference past data, analyze course dynamics more thoroughly, and provide a more informed and smooth experience for students who decide to re-enroll. Although dropped students can no longer access course materials, their recorded data contributes to maintaining precise and comprehensive records.

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