Why do I receive the error "Due date cannot be after term end" when creating an assignment in Canvas?

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Instructors using Canvas may encounter an error message stating "Due date cannot be after term end" when attempting to create or modify assignments. This issue typically occurs when setting an assignment due date that falls beyond the designated end date of the academic term. The error prevents the instructor from saving the assignment, leading to potential disruptions in course management and planning.

Canvas's assignment settings are open. The error "Due date cannot be after term end" prevents the user from saving the assignment.


This issue is observed in Canvas, particularly in scenarios where course assignments are being created or edited. It affects instructors who need to set assignment due dates that align with their course schedules.


To allow an assignment to be completed after the term ends, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Assignment Settings: Open the assignment that is generating the error.

  2. Change the 'Assign To' Setting:

    • Locate the Assign To field at the bottom of the assignment settings.
    • By default, this is set to "Everyone," which applies the assignment to all students in the course.
    • Change this setting from "Everyone" to one or more specific course sections or specific students. To do this, select the desired section(s) from the dropdown menu or list provided.

    Canvas assignment settings. The assign to field is highlighted with a specific section selected rather than "Everybody."

  3. Save the Changes:

    • After selecting the specific section(s), save the changes to the assignment settings.
    • Verify that the error message no longer appears and that the assignment due date is successfully updated.

Root Cause

By default, Canvas enforces the end dates of academic terms across courses. When an assignment is assigned to "Everyone," it applies the term's end date as a constraint for the due date of the assignment. However, individual course sections within the term may have different end dates, which can extend beyond the term's official end date. This discrepancy often occurs in cases like granting incomplete grades or in courses that don't use the term's start and end dates. By assigning the assignment to a specific section rather than "Everyone," Canvas then applies the section's end date, which may be later than the term's end date, thereby allowing the assignment due date to be set beyond the term's official end. This solution leverages the flexibility of section-specific end dates to bypass the term end date restriction.

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