How long will I have access to Canvas?

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At Chico State, the duration of your access to Canvas varies depending on whether you are a student or an employee.


Students at Chico State typically have access to Canvas for a period of 12 months after separating from the university. This means that even after you graduate or leave the university, you will still be able to access your Canvas account and course materials for a year.


In contrast, employees who separate from Chico State, including faculty and staff members, will lose access to Canvas immediately upon their separation from the university. This policy is in line with the university's security and data access protocols.

It's important to note that while access to Canvas may be restricted, other services or resources might still be available based on your alumni status or specific agreements with the university.

If you have any questions or concerns about your access to Canvas, please feel free to contact our IT Support Services (ITSS) team at They are available to assist you with any technical inquiries you may have.

Remember that maintaining copies of important course materials and documents is advisable to ensure you have access to them beyond your time at Chico State.

For more information on account entitlements and provisioning/deprovisioning, refer to the university's Entitlements Catalog.

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