How do I edit a quiz in Canvas after students start taking it?

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This guide provides instructors with step-by-step instructions on how to edit and regrade quizzes in Canvas after students have already begun taking them. It outlines the precautions to take to ensure that all students are evaluated fairly despite any quiz modifications. Understanding these steps is crucial when you need to make changes to quiz content during an active examination period.

Note: If a student has already started the quiz, they will not see any updated questions. Any changes you make to a quiz will not affect the students who have already started taking it. If you need to make changes that will affect all students, it's best to do so before any students begin taking the quiz.


  • Access to a Canvas course as an instructor
  • A quiz that has already been initiated by students and needs editing

Step-by-Step Instructions

To edit a quiz that students have already started taking, do the following:

  1. Navigate to the course containing the quiz.
  2. Select the Quizzes tab in the course navigation menu.
  3. Find the quiz you wish to edit and select its title.
  4. Select Edit from the upper right corner of the quiz interface.
  5. Make the necessary changes to the quiz questions and settings.
  6. Select Save to apply your updates. If changes are made to Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer, and True/False questions, Canvas may prompt you to automatically regrade the quiz.
  7. If you have questions that are not Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer, or True/False questions, you will need to manually regrade them. Proceed to the next section.

Manually Regrading the Quiz

To ensure all students receive credit for the correct answers after quiz modifications, follow these steps to manually regrade the quiz:

  1. Navigate to the course containing the quiz.
  2. Select the Grades tab from the course navigation menu.
  3. Locate the quiz to be regraded and click on the three dots [1].
  4. Select SpeedGrader [2].
    Regrading quiz speedgrader
  5. Review each student's submission and adjust their grades as necessary.
  6. Select Update Scores to save the grading changes.


  • Issues with regrading: For questions other than Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer, and True/False, manual regrading is necessary. If discrepancies in grading persist, consider adjusting the quiz settings or consult the Canvas community guides linked below.

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