How do I add a student, TA, or instructor to my Canvas class?

This article provides information on adding people to your course, available roles in Canvas, and how to share course content with other instructors. Read on to learn more about managing people in Canvas.

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Adding People to Your Canvas Course

Instructors can add course associate roles (e.g., Designer and TA) to prep area courses, but cannot add people to academic courses. All people are managed through an integration between PeopleSoft and Canvas. Academic departments are responsible for managing access to courses based on an individual's affiliation with the university.

New people are keyed into PeopleSoft by the relevant academic department's scheduler at the direction of the department chair. Once entered, PeopleSoft enrollments and instructors are typically synced every 15 minutes to Canvas.

It is important to note that an individual may only be assigned to one role per course. A person's role in one course does not affect their role in another course or their wider system access. For example, a person can be a Teacher in one course and a Designer in another course. If you have further questions about adding people to your course, please email

Available Roles in Canvas

Canvas offers several roles that determine the level of access to a course. These roles are Student, Teacher, TA, Grader, Peer Mentor, and Designer. For a detailed explanation of each role and its permissions, please see the Canvas roles documentation on the Learning Technologies website.

Sharing Course Content with Other Instructors

If you want to share a given module, assignment, or other content with another instructor, you can do so using Canvas' Send To feature. For more information on how to use this feature, please see the Canvas help page, How do I send a module to another instructor?.

Alternatively, you can export your course and upload the course file to a shared storage space for another instructor. For instructions on how to export your course, please see How do I export a Canvas course?.

You are also able to add people to your sandbox courses in Canvas where there are no student enrollments.

For more information about sharing content with others in Canvas, check out our Sharing Content in Canvas guide.


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