How do I create a sandbox course in Canvas?

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Canvas allows faculty members to create sandbox courses. A sandbox course is a practice environment where you can develop and test course content, experiment with Canvas features, and prepare materials without affecting live courses.  Sandbox courses are a powerful tool for enhancing your course design and delivery in Canvas. Use it to experiment, explore, and perfect your course materials in a risk-free environment. This guide will walk you through the simple process of creating a sandbox course.

Create a Sandbox

  1. Log into your Canvas account and navigate to your Dashboard [1].

  2. Look for a button labeled Start New Course [2]. This button is visible on your Dashboard on the righthand sidebar. Note: If you don't see the option to start a new course, this usually means you don't have a course where you have the Teacher role yet. If this is the case, please contact Learning Technology Services and we'll create a new sandbox for you.

 canvas dashboard with arrow pointing to create couse

3.  You will be prompted to enter details for your new course. This includes:

  • Name: Choose a name for your sandbox course. This should be descriptive and distinguishable from your live courses.
  • Course Code: Enter a unique course code. Remember, this cannot be changed later, so choose wisely.
  • Content Rights: Leave the content copyrighted for now. 

4.  Select Create Course.

Next Steps

Once you have successfully created your sandbox course in Canvas, consider the following actions to make the most of this flexible and creative environment:

  1. Import Content from an Existing Course: If you have previously developed course materials that you wish to reuse or modify, you can import them into your sandbox course. This is an excellent way to refine existing content or adapt it for a new class. Follow our guide on copying course content in Canvas.

  2. Prepare for a New Course: Your sandbox course is an ideal space to organize and test new content, assignments, and course structures. Once you're satisfied with the arrangement and functionality in your sandbox, you can effortlessly transfer these elements to a new, active course, ensuring a smooth and well-prepared start to the term.

Get Help

If you need assistance at any point, don't hesitate to reach out to Chico State's academic technology support:

  • For Design Help: Contact the Technology & Learning Program. They can assist with course design, guide you through Canvas features, and help you make effective use of Canvas tools.

  • For Technical Problems: Contact Learning Technology Services. They can help resolve technical issues and provide support for any difficulties you encounter.


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