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Pronto is a powerful communication tool integrated with your Canvas that enhances collaboration and engagement among students, faculty, and staff. In this FAQ, you will find answers to common questions related to Pronto, organized into several categories. Whether you are a student looking to troubleshoot login issues, an instructor curious about integrating Pronto into your classes, or anyone else seeking information about Pronto's features, you'll find valuable insights here.

Feel free to browse the sections below to find answers to your questions or use the Table of Contents below to jump directly to specific topics of interest.

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Access, Login & Personal Info

Why don't I see the Pronto button on my Canvas Global Navigation menu? 

To see Pronto on the Canvas global navigation menu, you must be enrolled in at least one published Canvas course with both faculty and student enrollments.
How do I publish my Canvas course

Can I change my display name in Pronto?

No, Pronto uses the Display Name from Canvas. If you would like to change your display name, visit our Knowledge Base article on how to change your display name in Account Center. Once you update the display name, it may take some time to change in Canvas and Pronto.

How do I sign in to the Pronto mobile app? 

As of 12/22/23, all users sign in to the Pronto mobile app using your campus email [username]


Can we invite people outside of our class? What about outside the organization?

Pronto is only licensed for Chico State, and outside users (non-Chico State students/faculty) cannot be added. However, adding users from a different class depends on how you created the group. There are two options:

Creating Pronto group from a roster

Only people on the roster are added to the group.

Creating a Pronto group via the Pronto app

You add people to the group manually, so anyone from Chico State can be added to a group.

If someone adds the class late, will they be automatically added to my Pronto roster?

Yes, Pronto checks the Canvas roster and continually updates with new added/dropped students.

How can I tell if someone is online?

The "presence status" of people in your Pronto group should display next to their profile picture. You can tell they're online if there's a green dot next to their picture.


Do tasks sync to the calendar in Canvas?

No, Canvas and Pronto integration is not that deeply connected.

Can my students use Pronto even if I don't?

Yes, students will still be able to communicate among themselves, even if you are not active in the group. This will allow students to form study or project groups, discuss deadlines, and more.

Can I use Pronto for both my Chico and Butte College classes?

Yes, as long as Pronto is enabled for the Learning Management System, it can be used for both.

Are we able to link files from other services?

Yes, Pronto can connect your account to Box, Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, and more.

Why does the Pronto icon disappear sometimes?

The Pronto icon is visible in the left-hand "global" menu (in black). It is intentionally removed when a user is engaging with certain Canvas tools like Quizzes and Assignments. Pronto will always be available and will work from your phone irrespective of where your browser is.

Group & Direct Message

How do announcements work?

Pronto Announcements are a one-way message from the professor to the whole course. However, the best way to send a message to everyone in the course is to send a chat message to the whole group; this way, students are able to reply if needed.

Can students see messages that were sent before they joined the group?

Yes, students can see the full chat history once added to the group.

Can students reply to only the professor, rather than the whole class?

Sort of. A message sent to a group can be seen by everyone. If a student needs to use a private chat, they should Direct Message the professor.

When I get a Direct Message, can I see what class they're from?

Yes, if you click on the user's name, you can see any groups that you have in common.

Am I able to message as soon as I set up the app, or do I need to wait for students to enroll?

Students don't need to enroll in the groups. Once you enable Pronto in Canvas, let your students know so that they can begin to start chatting.


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