How Do I Edit My Personal Zoom Meeting Room?

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Your Personal Meeting Room is a virtual meeting room permanently reserved for you that you can access with your Personal Meeting ID (PMI) or personal link, if applicable. You can start instant meetings with your PMI, or you can schedule a meeting that uses your PMI.

Your Personal Meeting Room is ideal for use with people you meet with regularly.

However, because it is always accessible with the same Meeting ID and personal link, it should not be used for back-to-back meetings or people you do not meet with regularly.

Once a participant has the link to your PMI, they can join it at any time the meeting is in use, unless you lock the meeting or use the Waiting Room feature to admit participants individually.

To access and edit your Personal Meeting ID Room 

  1. From your browser, go to the Chico State Zoom portal.
  2. From the left menu, select Meetings.
  3. Select the Personal Meeting Room tab across the top.
  4. Either Start or Edit the meeting. 

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