Accessing the Application Catalog



This page will show you how to access the Application Catalog through the Software Center. A browser is no longer needed for installing these applications.

If you are off campus but you are using a campus owned computer you will need to connect to the campus VPN in order to access the catalog. Click the following if you need the VPN installed: CSU, Chico Virtual Private Network.

This catalog will only work for Windows computers that have the SCCM client installed. If you don't have this client, you will receive an error message. If you have a campus-owned computer and do not have the Software Center, contact ITSS at x4357 or email

Access via the Software Center

If you open the Software Center, there is a link to the Application Catalog shown as the Applications tab on the left side of the screen. You can find the Software Center in your start menu under All Applications - Microsoft System Center


You can also find the Software Center by going to the search bar at the bottom left of the screen next to the start menu and typing “Software Center”







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