Salesforce Role Definitions

Roles are used in Salesforce to identify different populations of staff, students, and community members. Roles also determine when a record becomes visible in the recruitment and retention modules. 

Salesforce Roles

The Salesforce/TargetX application has two primary modules called recruitment and retention. The recruitment module is focused on managing the pipeline of prospective students through the application process. When our constituents are in the prospect or applicant student stage, their contact records are only visible to staff and student employees that have the recruitment role. When our constituents transition to the student stage of enrolled, their records become visible to anyone with the retention role. The definitions of the student stages are listed below.

Recruitment Role
Student Stage Description Module
Prospect A person who has expressed an interest in attending Chico State. Inquiry records come into salesforce from inquiry forms posted on our website, third-party data feeds such as the College Board, and college fairs. Prospect contact records are visible in the recruitment module Recruitment
Applicant A person who has submitted an application in a current or future term. Applicant contact records with no other roles are visible in the recruitment module. This includes any student that has program actions between applicant and matriculation. Recruitment
Retention Role
Student Stage Description Module


A student who matriculated in a current or future term. This role also includes students who are enrolled with zero or more units in a current or future term. Once a student meets the criteria listed above, their contact information becomes visible in the retention module Recruitment, Retention

There are other roles within Salesforce that are used to manage access and to support the segmentation of different cohorts of contacts within the system. Please see the additional roles and their definitions below:

Other Salesforce Roles
Role Title Description Module
Staff A contact that has an active Salesforce license and has an active contact/student record Retention
Course Instructor Any contact that is an instructor of record on a course will receive the Instructor role Retention
Counselor External secondary education counselors Recruitment
Academic Advisor The academic advisor role is manually added based on the approval of the primary contact within Academic Advising Retention
Academic Advising Intern The academic Advising Intern role is manually added for student employee advisors Retention
International Counselor External International secondary education counselors Recruitment



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