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Each advising unit or department can create their own virtual meeting room to manage drop-in appointments. The steps to create a virtual room are listed below.
Before building reports in Salesforce, it is required that you complete the Reports & Dashboards for Lightning Experience training module. The module can be found here. It is recommended that you login using your Salesforce account so you can keep track of your training. Below are instructions to login using your Salesforce acccount.
When an employee requests a CS360/Salesforce account via account center their supervisor will receive an email asking them to approve or deny that request. The following steps cover how a supervisor can approve or deny these requests via Account Center.
Accounts for CS360/Salesforce should now be requested through Account Center. This guide covers the steps to make that request
When developing email campaigns it is typical to have a header and footer image. Guidelines are provided below.
Setting personal preferences for calendars and reminders in Salesforce/TargetX
The following learning modules will help you learn the foundations of the TargetX Events tool. From creating on and off campus events to customizing the registration experience and communicating with registrants and attendees, redefine student engagement with TargetX Events today!
There are two types of images that staff can add to events within Salesforce/TargetX. Below are the steps to load images for events.
The following learning modules will help you learn the foundations of the TargetX Email tool. From designing email templates and scheduling campaigns, to viewing email data and more, you'll be communicating with your constituents in no time! Only staff power users with specific permissions have the access to schedule campaigns.
Step-by-step guide for students scheduling appointments online with their Advisor.