"MFP Isn't Printing" - Mac

Common MFP Printing Issues on Mac Computers

  • Print job pausing in queue
  • Print jobs are printed out with jargon or random characters
  • MFP Notification for Page issues

Preliminary troubleshooting:

  1. Ensure you have UniFlow Installed and that you have an account (PIN and account are added to a Cost Center). If you don't have an account setup, please submit a support ticket: https://support.csuchico.edu/TDClient/1984/Portal/Requests/ServiceDet?ID=14806

  2. If you are using an iMac, ensure you are plugged into a valid network cable. For laptops, ensure you are connected through the GlobalProtect VPN.

  3. There is no paper jam.

  4. There is sufficient ink and paper.

Print Job Pausing in the Queue

When a print job is paused in the queue, usually that indicates one of the following situations: 

  • The user is in multiple cost centers, but the Uniflow client isn't installed.
  • The user is not in any cost centers. 

If the user has multiple cost centers Uniflow must be installed in order to allow the user to select which cost center they want to use to pay for the print job. Here is a guide to install Uniflow: https://support.csuchico.edu/TDClient/1984/Portal/KB/ArticleDet?ID=15295​ Once Uniflow has been installed, reboot the Mac device to allow the MOM (Uniflow) client to startup after reboot. ​​​​​​

If the user doesn't have any cost center association, they can request to be added to one through this link: https://support.csuchico.edu/TDClient/1984/Portal/Requests/ServiceDet?ID=14806

Print Jobs Print as Random Characters

Print jobs that come out as multiple pages of jargon would look something like this: 

Random characters

This issue is usually due to a misconfiguration of the drivers or improper drivers for the copier (Incorrect version or model).

When adding the drivers, ensure that you select the "Select Software" option instead to bring up a dialog list of other available drivers. 

Add Printer List

In the list, select the one that matches the brand & model number of your printer (i.e Canon C3325). Then press OK

Printer Drivers.

If the issue persists, submit a ticket through this link to have a Print-Support technician take a look at this issue: https://support.csuchico.edu/TDClient/1984/Portal/Requests/ServiceDet?ID=10475

MFP Notification for Page issues

Generally, when all of the above is not the issue, the problem is with incorrect page sizing. You may see errors saying there is a "page size error" or that the printer is out of paper.

The out-of-paper error is because the copier wants to pull a certain paper size that is not in the copier and was set in the print job. This problem most commonly occurs with PDFs but has been known to also happen with Word.

Adobe PDF

  1. Go up to file in the menu bar and select "Print..."
  2. Select "Fit" under "Page Sizing and Handling" 
  3. Deselect the check box for "Choose Paper Source by PDF Page Size" if it's checked. After these settings are changed, the PDF document should print normally.  

Mac Print Options

Microsoft Word 

There are 2 different sizing setup options in Word.

Page Setup

  1. Select "File" from the menu bar and click "Page Setup"
  2. Select US Letter as the printing size. 

Page Setup

Page Size in "Layout"

  1. Go to "Layout" in the document options bar.
  2. Select "Size" 
  3. Make sure it's set on US Letter (8.5" x 11")


If you are still experiencing difficulties, please create a ticket under: https://support.csuchico.edu/TDClient/1984/Portal/Requests/ServiceDet?ID=10475

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