Why did adjusting the due date for one student affect everyone's grades?

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When attempting to give an extension to a single student for an assignment or quiz, instructors may inadvertently remove "Everyone" from the Assign To section, causing the it to be assigned to only the one student. This action unintentionally removes all students' grades for the affected content, as it removes their access to the content.


  • Canvas LMS
  • Quizzes and Assignments
  • Differentiated Assignments Feature


To restore access to the quiz or assignment for all students and retain the extension for the individual student, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Assignments section of your course.
  2. Select the assignment or quiz you wish to modify.
  3. In the assignment details, scroll down to the Assign section and select +Add.
    Assign To dialog with the add button highlighted.
  4. From the Assign To dropdown menu, select Everyone under the course section.
    Assign To dropdown with "Everyone" highlighted.
  5. Enter the appropriate Due Date, Available From, and Available Until dates for the general student population.
  6. Ensure the individual student’s extension remains as a separate entry in the Assign To section.
  7. Select Save to apply the changes.

By following these steps, you restore access to the assignment for all students while keeping the extension for the specified student.

Root Cause

When an instructor attempts to grant an extension to a single student by editing the Assign To section of a quiz or assignment in Canvas, and removes the default "Everyone" setting to add only the specific student, Canvas interprets this action as an instruction to limit the availability exclusively to the specified student. This misunderstanding of Canvas's assignment functionality leads to the unintended consequence of excluding all other students from accessing the assignment, thereby disrupting their ability to view or complete the assignment as originally intended.

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