How do I duplicate a quiz in the same Canvas course as an instructor?

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Duplicating a quiz in Canvas allows instructors to reuse and modify quizzes without starting from scratch. Although Canvas does not have a direct "duplicate" function for quizzes, the process can be easily accomplished by exporting the quiz from one course and importing it into the same or another course. This guide will walk you through the steps to export a quiz, download the export file, and then import it back into a Canvas course.


To copy quizzes in Canvas, you'll need the following:

  • You must have instructor-level access to a Canvas course
  • A quiz in the course you want to duplicate

Step-by-Step Instructions

To copy a quiz within the same Canvas course, do the following:

Export the Quiz:

  1. Navigate to your course and select Settings from the course navigation menu.
  2. Click on Export Course Content located on the right side of the page.
  3. In the content export section, choose Quizzes.
  4. Select the quiz you wish to duplicate from the list provided.
  5. Click Export, and then Download the export file once the process is complete. This file will be a QTI .zip file.

Import the Quiz:

  1. Still within the course, go back to Settings and select Import Course Content.
  2. Choose QTI .zip file as the content type.
  3. Click on Choose File and select the .zip file you downloaded.
  4. Select Import. The quiz will now be imported into your course as a new item, effectively duplicating it.
  5. Repeat Import (if additional copies are needed):
    • If you need more copies of the quiz, repeat the import process with the same .zip file.

These steps can also be used if you are copying the same quiz from a different course more than once. By following these steps, you have successfully made multiple copies of the same quiz in your Canvas course.


  • If the import process fails, ensure that the .zip file was not corrupted during download. Try exporting the quiz again and ensure the file downloads completely.
  • Ensure that you are selecting the correct file type (QTI .zip file) during the import process.

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