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MATLAB Grader is a browser-based authoring tool from MathWorks that allows instructors to create and share MATLAB coding problems and assessments inside of Canvas. It can automatically grade MATLAB assignments submitted by students and provide immediate feedback to reduce an instructor's grading workload, saving students' grades directly to the Canvas gradebook. MATLAB Grader is available in all Canvas courses.

Create a MATLAB Grader Assignment

Creating a MATLAB Grader assignment follows the same process as most other external tools. Note that MATLAB Grader does not support group assignments or peer reviews.

  1. In your Canvas course, go to Assignments.
  2. Select +Assignment and fill in the assignment details like name, description, points, etc.
  3. Under Submission Type, select External Tool.
  4. Select Find, and select MATLAB Grader from the list of tools.
  5. Choose Select.
  6. Save the assignment.
  7. From the assignment page, follow the prompts in MATLAB Grader to finish setting up the assignment.
  8. Publish the assignment.


  • Test the Assignment: Before releasing it to students, try submitting a solution yourself to ensure everything works as expected. Note: grades for the test student won't be submitted back to Canvas with this tool.
  • Use MATLAB Grader Resources: MATLAB Grader offers various resources and documentation to help you create effective coding problems. Learn more in the MathWorks Help Center.

Get Help

For technical assistance with MATLAB Grader, contact MathWorks' technical support. For pedagogical assistance using this tool, contact the Technology & Learning Program.


Creating a MATLAB Grader assignment in Canvas is a straightforward process that enhances the teaching and learning of MATLAB programming. By integrating MATLAB Grader, instructors can efficiently manage coding assignments and offer immediate, automated feedback to students.

Faculty: If you need help on how to integrate MATLAB Grader into your coursework, please contact the Technology and Learning Program

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