PeopleSoft Code Freeze

A code freeze is a time period when technicians will avoid making code changes to PeopleSoft in order to preserve the stable operation of the system. This will typically be done during time periods when system stability has paramount importance. As an example, PeopleSoft Campus Solutions (CS) may go into code freeze during student registration.

When will code freezes occur?

Dates and scopes of code freezes will be determined in consultation between EAPP, DAWGS, and the Data Owner for the relevant PeopleSoft instance. For a list of PeopleSoft code freezes, see Add Drop Periods and Change Freezes (requires staff login) and check rows that indicate "Yes" for PeopleSoft freeze.

Are there any exceptions to code freeze?

The intention of code freezes is to ensure that the system is usable during critical periods. If a change is so urgent that it cannot wait until the end of the code freeze, exceptions can be approved by the EAPP Director and the Data Owner for the relevant PeopleSoft instance.


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