Labster is a virtual laboratory simulation tool integrated with Canvas designed to enhance science education. With Labster, students can engage in immersive 3D virtual labs where they can conduct experiments online, thereby making science learning more accessible and cost-effective. Labster covers a wide range of subjects and is particularly well-suited for remote learning environments.

Key features of Labster include:

  • Virtual Labs: Labster offers a library of virtual laboratory simulations, allowing students to conduct experiments in a safe and interactive virtual environment.

  • Diverse Subjects: Labster covers a wide range of scientific subjects, including biology, chemistry, physics, and more, making it suitable for various courses and disciplines.

  • Accessibility: With Labster, students can access virtual labs from anywhere with an internet connection, promoting flexibility in learning.

  • Cost-Effective: Labster eliminates the need for physical lab materials, reducing costs associated with traditional laboratory experiments.

To learn more about Labster and explore its virtual laboratory simulations, please visit Labster's official website.

Getting Support

For technical assistance and inquiries related to Labster, you can reach out to Labster Support. They are dedicated to helping users make the most of Labster's virtual laboratory simulations. Labster provides dedicated support for their platform. You can access their support resources and contact information on their Help Center.

For faculty members seeking guidance on incorporating Labster into their Canvas courses, the Technology & Learning Program (TLP) provides resources and support.

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