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This article provides a step-by-step guide on integrating MyOpenMath with Canvas. MyOpenMath is an online platform that offers a wide range of interactive mathematics resources and assessments, while Canvas is a popular learning management system used for course management and online learning.

About MyOpenMath

MyOpenMath is a free, open-source, and online platform designed to support mathematics education. It provides a variety of interactive math exercises, assessments, and resources that help students learn and practice mathematical concepts. Instructors can create courses, assignments, and assessments tailored to their curriculum needs. MyOpenMath aims to enhance the learning experience by providing instant feedback and opportunities for students to improve their math skills.

Learn more on the MyOpenMath website.

Integrating with MyOpenMath Using Course Exports

If you have a course fully built in MyOpenMath and prefer to use that as the primary source of truth for your course content, use these steps to export the course from MyOpenMath and import them into Canvas. The integration is tightly knit, and the process involves exporting and importing course content from MyOpenMath to Canvas.

Video Tutorial

Exporting Course from MyOpenMath

  1. Go to Course Items Export: On MyOpenMath, select the course you want to export, click on "course items export."
  2. Export for Canvas: Choose to export for another LMS and select Canvas.
  3. Configure Export Settings: If you already have an LTI 1.3 connection set up, the "include app config option" should be unchecked. Configure other options as needed, such as transferring the gradebook setup and due dates.
  4. Download Export Cartridge: Click this button to download the export file to your computer.

Importing to Canvas

  1. Open Empty Course in Canvas: Navigate to an empty course in Canvas.
  2. Go to Settings & Import Content: Click on 'Settings' and then 'Import course content.'
  3. Select Canvas Course Export Package: In content type, choose the Canvas course export package, and select the downloaded file.
  4. Import Everything: Click import and wait for it to finish. Once done, the content will be imported into Canvas, with some formatting differences.

Assessment Integration

  1. Click on Assessment: Click on an assessment to set up the connection.
  2. Log in to MyOpenMath: Depending on your settings, you may be asked to log in.
  3. Establish a Course Connection: Choose between having MyOpenMath automatically create a copy of the course or using an existing course. Select the option based on where you want students to be enrolled.
  4. Access the Assessment: You can preview and edit the assessment.

LTI Options and Accessibility

  • More Options Button: Important for students to set display preferences if, for example, they have disabilities that hinder using the tool with its default settings.
  • Message Instructor Option: Allows communication between student and instructor.

Additional Features

  • LTI Drop-Down Menu: This menu gives you access to editing settings, rearranging questions, accessing student grades, and other functions.
  • New Features in LTI 1.3: Including ability to send zeros back for unattempted assessments and pre-populate the MyOpenMath roster.
  • Grades Transfer: Grades will get passed back to Canvas, and students will be able to launch directly into the assessment without logging in.


By following these steps, you have successfully linked a MyOpenMath assignment to your Canvas course using the LTI 1.3 integration. This integration streamlines the process of assigning and managing math assessments within your Canvas course environment. Students can access the assignment on Canvas and complete it using the interactive features provided by MyOpenMath.

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