How do I download course content in Canvas?

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Ally is an integrated accessibility tool in Canvas, designed to enhance your learning experience by offering alternative file formats tailored to your needs. Learn more about the available Alternative Formats.

Key Features

Using Ally, you can:

  • Download course content in formats like MP3 audio or mobile-friendly HTML for on-the-go learning.
  • Translate your course content to your native language with Ally's translation feature.
  • Get detailed assignment instructions in PDF format.
  • Customize content accessibility according to your requirements.

How to Download Alternative Formats

Select the 'Download Alternative Formats' icon whenever you encounter it in your Canvas course to access content in a format of your choice.

  1. Navigate to your Canvas course and find the Ally icon:

    Ally icon indicating 'Download Alternative Formats'
    Position of Ally download icon in a Canvas course
  2. Choose the desired alternate format for your content.

    Ally's 'Download Alternate Formats' window
  3. Click on Download and find the downloaded file in your system's download directory to access it.

Important Notes:

  • If the option for downloading alternative formats is missing, it's possible that Ally is either not activated for the course or the file type isn't supported.
  • Currently, Ally is not available for the Canvas Mobile app.
  • Generated alternative formats are contingent upon the original content. Check out the full list of Available Alternative Formats.


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