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GoReact makes it easier for students and instructors to give feedback on videos and allows students to upload, record, and stream videos with a webcam or a smartphone. Feedback can be given as text, video, or audio and it will be time stamped to the exact moment in the video where you left your comment. In addition, to making it easier to leave feedback on videos GoReact also has features for instructors that allows them to create customizable rubrics, has grade pass back, and provides reports and analytics showing how well their students are learning.

Below is a video giving an overview of GoReact and goes more into detail on the information provided above.

GoReact Resources

If you would like to learn more about GoReact and the different features it has you can find additional information about it on their website.

GoReact Vendor Website

If you are having issues with GoReact you can go to their support website where they have many articles designed for Students, Instructors, Reviewers/TAs, and Administrators that will walk you through how to do something in GoReact along with additional support if you need it from their staff.

GoReact Support Website



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