Go React

Note: GoReact is not currently licensed for campus-wide usage. Open a ticket with Learning Technologies to request GoReact to be enabled in your Canvas course.

GoReact is a video assessment tool that simplifies the process of giving and receiving feedback on videos. It offers features that allow students to upload, record, and stream videos using a webcam or smartphone. Feedback can be given as text, video, or audio and is time-stamped to the exact moment in the video where the comment was made. Instructors can create customizable rubrics, use grade pass back, and access reports and analytics that display how well their students are learning.

For a detailed overview of GoReact, watch the video below:

GoReact Resources

For additional information on GoReact and its features, visit the GoReact vendor website.

If you experience any issues with GoReact, the GoReact support website offers articles designed for students, instructors, reviewers/TAs, and administrators that walk you through how to use GoReact, along with additional support from the staff.

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