How to Enroll in Courses Through the Schedule Builder

Video Tutorial

screen shot of video link to explain how to enroll for courses through the Schedule Builder in the Student Center


  1. Log in to the Student Center. 
  2. Open up the drop-down menu of the Enrollment Section. This is located on the left side menu. 
  3. Select the Schedule Builder. 
  4. Choose Import Courses on the upper right-hand side of the screen to import courses you are enrolled in or are wait listed in. 
  5. Select Expand Filters to add courses. 
  6. Select the drop-down box of Unavailable Time to enter the times you are unavailable.  
  7. Select Course Selection to enter a course you want to enroll in. 
  8. Select Class Attribute of the Section Filters to search for classes in a certain course area. 
  9. Select the corresponding Course Number of the class you wish to enroll in.  
  10. Select Build Schedule in the bottom right corner to see which courses available for you to enroll in depending on the filters above. 
  11. To see all of your schedule options, select the PREV and NEXT arrows at the top of the screen. 
  12. Asynchronous classes will appear in the top bar of the page.  
  13. Synchronous classes will appear below on the schedule. 
  14. To favorite and save a schedule, select the heart, add a title, and select confirm. 
  15. To compare two schedules, select Add to Compare on both schedules. 
  16. Then select Compare to view both schedules together. 
  17. Select Enroll in the top left corner to enroll in every class of the chosen schedule. 
  18. A pop-up Select Classes box will show up. Click the check box next to the section. 
  19. Click Enroll. 
  20. Select each course and save. 
  21. Select Enroll and check the "I Agree" checkbox. You have no successfully added each course.


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