Adding MFP Address Book Entries

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  • Log in to the MFP with your PIN
  • Press the 'Scan and Send' Button

  • On the menu that appears, press ' Address Book'

  • On the page that appears, press 'Other Ops.' in the top right
  • In the pop-up menu that appears, press 'Register/Edit'

  • On the next page, press 'Register New Dest.' in the bottom left
  • Select 'E-Mail' for the destination type

  • Press the 'Name' button or press in the blank field to the right of it to bring up the on-screen keyboard to allow you to enter a name for this entry. You'll generally want this field to be the name of the person you're setting up an entry for. Once you're done entering the name, press 'Next'

  • Now enter the email address of the person you are making an entry for by pressing the 'E-Mail Address' button or by pressing in the blank space to the right of it. When you are done entering the email address, press 'OK'.
  • You are now done adding an address book entry. You can confirm the entry was added correctly by checking the list of remaining entries on the next page you are brought to. Your new entry should appear at the bottom of the list.



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