How to Submit Your PDFs to Accessible Technology and Services

As a Chico State site maintainer, you should only upload PDFs to your website that are accessible. This is accomplished by submitting a remediation ticket to Accessible Technology and Services. If you haven't been doing this, you should start now.

How-to Videos on This Page
Please note that all the how-to videos on this page contain helpful narrations so be sure to unmute the videos when you watch them.

Support Ticket Link

Use the following link to submit a remediation ticket:

Content Accessibility and Remediation

How to Create a Content Accessibility Ticket

Video: How-to Video: Accessibility - Submitting a Ticket with OATS

How-to Video: Accessibility - Submitting a Ticket with OATS

If You Have Multiple Files to Submit
Create a .zip archive for remediation requests that include more than 1 file. Submit the .zip archive in one ticket request.

How to Create a .zip Archive

  1. Place files into a folder.
  2. Right-click the folder, then select:
    1. Send to > Compressed (zipped) folder on Windows.
    2. Compress "folder name" on Mac.

How to Download a File from a Ticket to Update/Replace a PDF in Cascade

Video: How to Download a File from a Ticket to Update/Replace a PDF in Cascade

How to Video: Download a File from a Ticket to Update/Replace a PDF in Cascade

File Naming Rules and Recommendations

Remember these rules for your filenames:

  • no capitalization
  • dashes instead of underscores
  • no special characters
  • no spaces

Bad Filename: BA Course Sequence.pdf
Good Filename: ba-course-sequence.pdf

Keep the Same Filename If You Can

By default, updating/replacing a PDF in Cascade will not change the filename. Changing the filename requires an extra step.

You are better off not changing the filename if you don't have to. Keeping it the same retains the URL and can help prevent broken links from occurring.

Use Generic Filenames and Add Revision Dates Within Your Document

We recommend that you use generic filenames:

  • budget-guidebook.pdf instead of
  • budget-guidebook-rvsd-4-18-19.pdf

You can track and communicate versions of the document by including a last revised date within the document itself.

How to Change a Filename within Cascade

Video: How to Download a File from a Ticket to Update/Replace a PDF in Cascade

How-to Video: Renaming Files in Cascade

Sometimes you need to change the filename. Here are the steps:

  1. Find your document within Cascade by navigating into _assets/documents or using the search function at the top right.
  2. Right-click the file you wish to change, then select rename.
  3. Republish your entire site after you're done. Cascade is smart enough to know that you've changed the filename so Internal Links will still work. That said, you need to republish the whole site to ensure it works.

Why Remediate Your PDFs to Ensure Accessibility?

It's Our Legal Obligation

The university is required by law to take action to ensure content is accessible to all audiences, including those with visual impairments. By publishing non-accessible PDFs, you are increasing the risk of a lawsuit being filed against Chico State.

Inclusive Design Benefits Everyone

Included are 3 video links helpful to understanding the why behind the inclusive design.


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