Connecting to a Kramer Via

If you are in a classroom with a Kramer Via, you can bring up your content on the display or projector by selecting the "Wireless" button on the controller. 

To connect to the Via, simply join the eduroam network with your Android, iOS, or laptop device.

If you are using iOS or OSX (iPhone, iPad, or MacBook), go to your Airplay connections and select the Via with the room name you are currently using. For example, the Via in Ayrs 120 would be named Via_Ayrs120. After selecting the appropriate Airplay name, you will be prompted for a room code. The room code will be displayed on the display or projector screen. Once you enter the code, your device will appear.

iPhone Airplay Selection


If you are using Android, go to the Play Store and download the Via Application:

From within the application you can connect to the device by typing in the room name that is displayed on the Via. In Ayrs 120, the via name appears as “via-go-ayrs-120,”  type this name within the room name dialog box. When prompted, enter the room code that is displayed on screen from the Via. Once connected, click “Present” to begin mirroring.

Android Via Connection Screen


For Windows, download the Via application from the device webpage. The webpage will be displayed on the wallpaper of the device.


The webpage will always use the same address convention with the room name followed by "" For example, in Ayrs 120 the webpage for the device can be found at:

When inside the application, use the room name to connect. In Ayrs the room name would be “via-go-ayrs120” and when prompted, enter the room code that is displayed on screen from the Via.

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